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Lavon! What an Amazing talent! It was a pleasure meeting you! Thank you for touching our hearts through the music! Love, God Bless & We 'Are' Family! Kathy Sledge The Lightfoot Family
Thank you, Lavon, for your very special rendition of Happy Birthday! My evening at Jazz Corner on 11/10/10 was one of my most memorable. The food, the music, your smile and..... what was that fragrance you were wearing? Do you ever perform in the Philadelphia, PA area?
Great music and great singing with wonderful entertainment by all of you at Hudson's every Monday night. Sorry I found out about it so late in the summer...what an excellent place to hear your wonderful music. Thank you to you and Louise and your guests each week for making our evening so great! Keep it going!
Was on vacation and heard about the Jazz Club so decided to go. What an incredible evening. I purchased the CD and would like to find more from this extremely talented group. Thanks for sharing your incredible talent and making my vacation so memorable.
Thank you so much for performing at my wedding reception at Windows on the Waterway! We really enjoyed your style and had so many compliments from our guests. Thanks for making my reception so memorable!
I just wanted to say a big thank you for your performance at Michelle and Don's wedding reception back in October on Hilton Head Island. I cannot tell you how many compliments my husband and I received about your performance. Norris and Judy Hall
Loved the concert at the First Presbyterian Church. Thank you for bringing the beautiful voices as well as your own for us to hear. You gave God the praise and the glory. Thank you. Marian Taylor, HHI
Lavon, Thank you for performing at the Black & Pink Ball and Bachelor Auction! You were terrific!
Lavon, It was great seeing you last nite at the jazz festival kick off. you sounded great. Thanks 4 the laughs. What ever 'LoLo" Wants (Smile) Gina
Hi Lavon, This website look's very nice. Are you doing anything at the Savannah music festival? Peace,..Out! Dan
Continue on with your wonderful talents and gifts.
I can't find a link to your newest CD "Travlin Music". How do I order it??
How do I order the new CD called "Travelin Music"? Can't find it on your website.
Mr. Stevens, Jay Dyson (friend) recommended that I visit Jazz Corner to hear your music before HHI. I return home tomorrow A.M. Hope to make it. BTW, do you know Clarence Williams (bass player), my cousin? His mother, Vernetta & deceased father, Clarence are my Dad's (Watson Bellinger-DC) cousins. If you see him, tell him that I will look him up the next time I come down to HHI. I'm an avid jazz lover from DC. Peace & Blessings.
Hey Lavon, you didn't used to play trombone a while back did you?
Just dropped in to say Hi Lavon. It has been 10 years since I lived on Hilton Head. Hope all is well. Tell everyone in Harbourtown I said Hi.
Hi Lavon! I like your's cool. I am mixing the live tracks. Sounds really nice! I'm anxious for you to hear some tunes, soon. Best regards.....Mark
hi. nice web site great picture, wheres louise?
Wassup lil bro!!! Keep up the good work. Peace & Love